Even though the period of November is the last month of harvest time in the northern side of the equator, numerous pieces of the nation are starting to encounter colder temperatures and even snow during this month. The days grow shorter now, especially once most of the U.S. “fall forward” by one hour, exiting Daylight Saving Time on the second Sunday of November. Here are some more fun facts about the 11th month of the year.

#Some Christian churches celebrate All Saint’s Day on the first day of November and All Souls Day on the 2nd.

#American football is the main sport watched in the United States during month of November.

#November was the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar and has retained its name from the Latin novem, meaning “nine”.It is one of four months with a length of 30 days on the Gregorian, or modern, calendar.

#In the United States and Canada, November is also known as National Beard Month or No Shave Month (also known as No-Shave November”) No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. Australians have a similar month where they grow a mustache instead of a full beard. It is not fascinating?

#Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees by the end of November.

#Thanksgiving, maybe the most popular of all American occasions after Christmas, is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of the month. In addition to the fact that Americans have the opportunity on this day to accumulate with loved ones over a luxurious supper however they additionally get the chance to enjoy an uncommon four-day end of the week (with the Friday afterward, known as Black Friday, denoting the customary beginning of the Christmas shopping season).