Digital Citizenship means your participation in the virtual world and internet Maturity means your understating of the purpose of online services and displaying Maturity in online activities.

Who is an Internet Mature person or a Mature Digital citizen?

Internet Mature person is one who is Mature user of Internet! And Internet Mature person knows how to make the best use of personal and professional life. Internet Mature person also knows how to avoid all the Threats & Dangers of internet.

In 21st Century internet has become is the most important part of everything we do in life! Therefore in today’s world we can say if you are not Internet Mature so you are consider as immature.

This is how internet looks to an immature person like random collection of things: Facebook,email,Entertainment,Websites,Chatting,Games,Fun,Youtube,Google Search!!

This is how an Internet Mature person sees Internet:

  • Platform for Sharing content online & Platform for networking & communicating with people.
  • Storehouse of Immense knowledge and information.
  • Source of Many opportunities in life.
  • Source of Unlimited entertainment on-demand.
  • Source of Many serious threats & security risks!
  • Virtual World Having its own culture, etiquettes, rules & Laws.

People who are immature in using internet waste a lot of time,Lose good opportunities and miss the real benefits of internet. Just like ignorant tourist who go to Agara and does not see Taj Mahal.

Why do Student need to become Internet Mature?

There are four Main reasons:

  • If you do not become Internet Mature your education would be incomplete by 21st Century standard.
  • If you become internet Mature you can take maximum advantage of internet in your education and profession.
  • If you become Internet Mature you can attract great career opportunities through internet.
  • If you become Internet Mature can you protect yourself from the threats and dangers of the internet.
Why will your education be incomplete if you don’t become Internet Mature?

It is well known with along with Academic Knowledge of Art, Science etc Student must develop Good Communication Skills, Self-expression Skills and good Personality. These qualities are very important for becoming successful in Professional and personal life.

In the 21st Century online communication skills are more important than the offline communication skills and you must become internet mature to develop online communications skills. In the 21st Century your online personality must be as good as your offline personality. You must become internet mature to develop good Online personality.

How can Internet help in your education?

Now think of Internet as a Super Teacher! It never sleeps. Never goes on Vacations. Always ready to answer your questions 24*7!
Internet is ocean of information on almost every subjects and topic in the world. It Gives individual attention to each student and yet it can teach millions of students at the same time.
Internet is very useful to the student who is shy and hesitate to ask questions in the classroom.
You can ask any question and internet patiently answer all of your queries.

Why you must become Internet Mature to take the maximum advantage of Internet in your education?

Although internet can teach everything to everyone but it has some weaknesses as it can’t advice what information is relevant for you. It does not know the knowledge content in your article or video is correct or not. It can’t stop you if you get distract by harmful content. So internet Mature Student knows how to filter out the bad information and choose the useful one. In the other word we can say that Internet Mature Student knows how to get best out of Super Teacher called Internet.

Why you must become Internet Mature to Protect yourself from the threats and Danger of internet?

There are many youngster’s out there who are completely ignorant about harmful effects of Internet on their life. Some who are aware about the online think that all the problems can be avoided by using an Antivirus and Firewall but in addition to external threats like Virus and hackers lot of other problems could cause by careless use of Internet. For Example Identity theft, Bad online reputation, Plagiarism, Internet addiction , Information overload etc and also there are bad people Like Cyber bullies , Online predators trying to harm you. Therefore, everyone must become Internet Mature to understand and avoid all these problems of 21st Century life.

How can you become Internet Mature?
  • You must be comfortable in browsing internet on all types of devices.
  • Understand what is ‘Web 2.0’.
  • Be mature in Social Networking like Facebook ,Youtube ,twitter ,Instagram etc.
  • Be comfortable in creating digital content and sharing it online.
  • Know basics of professional Networking.
  • Know smart Blogging techniques for self-expression.
  • Know how to find useful knowledge on Internet.
  • Know about ‘Open Courseware’ & ‘ Online Courses’ for self-learning.
  • Become a Master of Internet tools.. not a SLAVE!

So Internet is most important part of our life and it’s importance is growing day by day so you must become a mature Digital Citizen to lead a successful life in 21st Century!


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