The new era of Web is Web 2.0.  It will give us clear picture of modern day of Internet. It is necessary to understand this because a Mature Digital Citizen is basically a Mature user of Web 2.0. Without understanding of new era of Web you can’t take the maximum advantage of Internet or avoid it’s harmful effects. Concepts like Online Reputation , Netiquettes , Social Networking , Professional Networking , Discussion Forums , Blogs , Online Communities are all part of this new Era of Web i.e. WEB 2.0.

What is this new Era of WEB: Web 2.0?

Most people thing Web 2.0 is some sort of technology or Software, but it is not. It is the name given to the new form of Internet which has evolved in the 21st Century. The Internet of 21st Century is very different from that of the 1990’s.The old internet of 1990’s is called Web 1.0. In early days Internet was collection of websites where people can only Read or Watch something but they can’t share their views or post something on Internet. Apart from Email and Chatting there were no other option where Internet user can share on Internet. The Only way to share content publicly on Internet is through Website. For Website user must know Html (Programming Language ) for creating website. Html is not easy for common people to learn. Around year 2000 many website fails. The website continued to grow had one thing in common they allow people to share something among themselves. For Example which allowed people to buy or sell personal items among themselves. Internet soon become full of Website which allowed people to create content and upload it online. Show off their content to other users and comment on content share by others. Connect with other users to socialize and build personal network with their friends. These new type of Websites form the largest part in todays Internet which we called Web 2.0. Some of the most prominent Web 2.0 websites are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Slideshare, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc. In other words Web 1.0 website show us only what website owner has created whereas Web 2.0 websites provide us a Platform to do whatever we want to do with other Internet users.

We can put Web 2.0 websites in two broad categories:

1) Website for Content Sharing: It allow users to upload their own content and show it to the world.

2) Website for Network & Collaboration: It allow users to create their Network of friends for sharing content and information within that Network.

Content SharingNetworking & Collaboration
Content Sharing websites are Online exhibitions where users can showcase digital content openly to everyone.Networking & Collaboration website are Online platforms to share content & information within a group.
Like Presentation sharing (ex., Video Sharing ( ex. Document Sharing , Blog Writing , Photo Sharing , Music SharingLike Social Networking ( Facebook) , Professional networking ( ) Discussion forums ( ) Online communities ( )
Web 2.0 Websites: Content Sharing | Networking & Collaboration

Why Content Sharing and online Networking are revolutionary ideas?

Web 2.0 has brought two new revolution to the world.Just a decade back it was not possible for common man to show case anything to the whole world.It was only possible for big media company to show case their idea publicly.Also earlier it was not possible for common man to interact and collaborate with people of different cities and countries.This was only possible for rich people who could afford to fly around the world.

Today anybody with access to internet has got two great power in his hands.
1) The Power to showcase your creativity, ideas, and knowledge to the whole world.
2) The Power to network with people at a global level without restrictions of time and location.
These powers have create great opportunities for you to achieve success in your life.But they have also created some serious threats. Your digital citizenship and Internet Maturity training will focus and how to make the best use of opportunities and avoid dangers of Internet.

Web 2.0 has also brought 2 newconcepts In our lives : Online Reputation & Netiquettes .
In the online world people can judge you by looking at the content that you have shared and Photos, Videos, presentation etc that you upload on the Web creates you online Reputation.Also there are some etiquettes for online communication known as Netiquettes which creates your Online Reputation.

So in Nutshell,
‘Web 2.0’is a name given to modern form of Internet.
‘Web 2.0’ is all about user generated Content and users Networking with users.

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