Today, the internet has become part of everything we do in life. It is a world that seems to have its traditions, laws, values, and laws.
It’s a blessing to the people; a social network, a database of great information, a source of many opportunities. Besides, user-created content helps to develop and polish skills from writing to cooking, drawing and dancing the list goes on.

In the current era of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Internet has proven itself to be a powerful tool. Millions of students around the world have been able to continue their education without interruption. Small professionals and shop owners were able to feed themselves due to the high availability and affordability of e-commerce.

However, all coins have two sides; so the internet is no different. Cybercriminals commit the crime of stealing sensitive information, voting and hacking threats into the user’s system and its information. These vicious acts damage software, steal important information and even demand a fine.

Also, there are dangerous threats such as identity theft, cheating, and cyberbullying. This can lead to mental health problems, lead to financial loss and even real health risks. Trolling and Fake stories are of great concern to them, as they use ideas, dispel ideas, try to disrupt peace and tranquillity.

There is no doubt that the power to increase profits and our defence is in our hands. We need to be an internet administrator and not a slave. We need to work as law-abiding citizens and demonstrate digital maturity as essential for living a successful life in the 21st century.