25 December

Good Governance Day is observed yearly on December 25th, the delivery anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Good Governance Day was hooked up in 2014 to honour Mr Vajpayee via fostering awareness most of the human beings of responsibility in authorities. In maintaining with this principle, the Good Governance Day has been declared to be an operating day for the authorities.

Objectives of Good Governance Day

  • To make people privy to the authorities commitment for supplying an obvious and responsible administration within the country.
  • Good Governance Day is well known to enhance the welfare and betterment of humans.
  • It is well known to standardise the government functioning and to make it highly powerful and accountable governance for the citizens of the country.
  • To enforce the best and powerful policies to finish a challenge of proper governance in India.
  • To decorate the growth and development in the country thru good governance.
  • To bring citizens in the direction of the government to make them active participants in the right governance process.