The planet’s climate is constantly changing during the formation of the earth. Global temperature
today it is about 15 ° C, although geographical evidence indicates that it was much higher and lower in the past.
Which causes some problems.

However, the current warming period is occurring much faster than most previous events. Scientists are concerned that climate change is outpacing the human tendency warming that contributes significantly to the planetary climate stability.
In my opinion, this is a very serious matter. Young people in all walks of life, which gives us an opportunity
bringing topics to every corner.

YouthConnected: – The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that young people worldwide there are almost twice as many networks as the world’s population. Social media has become an important tool in empowering the youth and giving impetus to something and informing decision-makers that what is happening is unacceptable. Bringing more activism to natural causes and action passing on to everyone a major step forward in disseminating actions and solutions to climate change.

YouthIsSomethingNew: – Young people tend to be a team with many ideas and innovations. We have it all
heard stories about young people who were at the forefront of solving complex problems. Young people are like more ideas than adults. Flexible thinking is the way to go when it comes to the weather action and youth can bring that up.
Because of all of this, young people have great power and ability to solve world problems.
Now, the question arises, what should we do about the action of the weather?

Share numbers spread science. A talk on climate change and environmental impacts should reach all public rooms. Bring those topics to your conversation with friends, family, co-employees, partners, etc. If you see someone polluting the environment tell them that this helps on climate change and can cause much destruction. Climate change has made it possible a permanent transformation of the Earth’s geological, biological, and ecological system. These changes have led to from the emergence of major natural hazards to human health such as extreme weather, ozone reduction, increase in the risk of wildfires, loss of biodiversity, pressure on the food production system, and global spread of infectious diseases.

In addition, climate change is estimated to have killed some 150,000 people every year. In this critical situation, everyone must make an effort but the youth must make a serious effort to deal with it this problem because YouthAreEverywhere: – Counting half the world’s population, youth are rooted within everything
system. Locally or globally, from workers to high-risk markets, young people are everywhere.

Younger women and men are trying to build their lives and a better future for themselves and their species. In addition to always, that goal goes beyond finding solutions to deal with climate change. Let him explain
why they should not do this. We can also join other NGOs, youth programs to save the environment as well as getting to know people. These small efforts can solve such a big problem. If everyone could get together the weather action is not a big problem.
Climate change is real and possible. Solutions did not only come from full conference rooms and scientists, large corporations, and government officials. Everyone has a role to play in the fight climate change. Young people are visionary, constructive, connected, and ubiquitous. We need to be the solution!.