Sustainable development consistently seeks to achieve social and economic progress in ways that don’t deplete the planet’s limited natural resources. The needs of the world today are real and urgent, yet there is a need to develop ways to meet these needs that ignore the future. The potential of our ecosystem is not unlimited. It means that future generations may not be able to meet their needs, if we continue to deplete resources at an unforgivable rate, leading to unsustainable and unsustainable growth leading to increased poverty and environmental degradation.

Climate change has already begun and is wreaking havoc on the surroundings. The reason behind such drastic effects is the human claim on the resources of the earth. Human civilisations are 12,000 years old in a matter of seconds on the geographical clock. In that short time, we were able to create a lot of ruckuses, by claiming our dominance over nature with our villages, towns, cities, megacities. The rapid growth of the human population continues to struggle with other species for limited resources, and the burning of fossil fuels has now created a blanket of carbon dioxide worldwide, which is slowly but surely raising the average global temperature.

Climate change is a threat to the very existence of biodiversity. The consequences are devastating what else, incomprehensible; environmental change is the greatest threat to biodiversity. Environmental pollution increases global warming day by day, so the ice in Antarctica is melting. Emission of harmful gases is happening and destroying the entire earth. The outcomes are far worse, more impossible; it could make our planet lifeless.

We are the lucky ones, as we have the opportunity.
Through sustainable development, we can eradicate irrational consumption and over-utilisation of resources through conservation of resources. Fallacious consumption and over-exploitation of resources lead to many socio-economic and environmental problems. To overcome these problems and to preserve resources for our future generation as well, proper management and conservation of resources are essential.